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Beauty Salon Italy Active Cellulite 6pcs x 6ml and cup for cellulite

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Beauty Salon Italy Cellulite Ampoules 6pcs. x 6ml and cup for cellulite

It is an intensive serum that you use to quickly reshape your silhouette. It is easily absorbed, can be applied alone or in combination with massage products and cellulite creams. Active ingredients, such as caffeine, Arnica, and iodine-rich algae, are extremely effective in the fight against persistent cellulite, in accumulated fat and, at the same time, stimulate and hydrate the skin.

Instructions for Use: Apply the contents of the entire vial to the area you want by massaging your hands or the appropriate devices.

Active ingredients: Caffeine, Arnica Extract, Seaweed Extract, Hawaiian Seaweed, Marine Salts, Plant Glycerine.

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