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Inebrya Italy Curl One Milk 200ml

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Inebrya Italy Curl One Milk 200ml

Curl defining milk 15 actions

1. DEFINED CURL: Defines and separates curls 2. SUPPLE CURL: Leaves hair supple and flexible 3. FRIZZ-FREE CURL: Eliminates frizz 4. SHINY CURL: Brings shine to dull, lifeless hair 5. THICK CURL: Nourishes without weighing hair down 6. HYDRATED CURL: Keeps hair hydrated 7. SUBLIME CURL: Enhances natural and cosmetic color 8. COMPACT CURL: Seals the cuticle 9. SILKY CURL: Softens 10. BOUNCY CURL: Disentangles knots 11. HEALTHY CURL: Eliminates and prevents split ends 12. CONTROLLED CURL: Tames and controls 13. SECURE CURL: Combats humidity 14. PURE CURL: Antipollution 15. PROTECTED CURL: Protects during styling.

Apply with your hands to wet hair before drying, or to dry hair to complete style. Do not rinse.

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