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BeautyBeauty.gr Firming Gel Bandages 500ml

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BeautyBeauty.gr Firming Gel Bandages 500ml

Gel particularly indicated for firming cool-effect treatments. The presence in the formulation on mint extract, Menthol, Vitamin C and D-Panthenol, guarantees the targeted elimination of hydric stagnation for a lightening effect on the lower limbs from the first applications. The oc_product is largely used, besides that on lower limbs, also to firm up the inner part of the arms and, more carefully, on breast and abdominal area where cool effect is not always tolerated by women. Thanks to its special texture, it can be used not only for cosmetic bandages but also as final treatment (especially after mud or thermal massages) being massaged, on a small quantity, in hot areas. Cold Bandages are recommended not only to lighten up the heavyness of lower limbs or firm different areas of the body, but also after liposuction to aid and speed up the firming and tissues regeneration. Directions for use: spread the gel massaging with upwards movements. Apply the bandages soaked with water or tonic for a really “strong” refreshing effect and leave it on for 30 minutes. Take off the bandages. Do not rinse off the oc_product. Active principles: Vitamin C, Panthenol, Menthol, Mint Essential Oil.

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