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Marie Dalgar Unlimited Extension Mascara

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Stunning, long and curved eyelashes you never thought possible!

Marie Dalgar’s Unlimited Extension Mascara guarantees the extension of your eyelashes to up to 300% through the use of its two unique formulations: Transplanting Gel and Fiber

The unique composition of the Transplanting Gel allows Fiber (small fibers) -included in the double pack mascara by Marie Dalgar- to be pasted on your lashes and give you incredible length and curvature, maintaining at the same time the natural look of your eyelashes.

For easy implementation, Marie Dalgar offers the two products in one package. Just follow the application instructions and give amazing length and curvature to your eyelashes.

The Unlimited Extension Mascara offers you clump free, smudge and tear proof lashes, that look amazing throughout the day. And when the time comes to remove it, just slide off easily with warm water.


Application Instructions

Follow the application instructions to get an immediate 300% extension and give fantastic curves to your eyelashes.

  • Step 1: Apply a layer of Transplanting Gel (mascara) on clean eyelashes.
  • Step 2: Before the Transplanting Gel dries, apply a layer of Fiber.
  • Step 3: Apply Transplanting Gel over the Fiber.
  • Step 4: Before the Transplanting Gel dries, apply a layer of Fiber again.
  • Step 5: Apply Transplanting Gel over the Fiber.
  • You can go on… with each Fiber application you can further increase the length of your eyelashes.

Result: Amazing long and curved eyelashes you never thought possible. Useful Tips

  • To remove the mascara just apply a cotton bud soaked with any eye cleanser or warm water on your eyelashes.
  • Suitable for contact lenses and sensitive eyes.

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