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Inebrya Italy Kromomask Silver (300ml)

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Inebrya Italy Kromomask Silver (300ml)


Nourishing colour mask

Nourishing colour mask rivives, intensifies and adds depth to natural, coloured and streaked hair. Restores intense tones to dull and lifeless hair.
Wash hair with the right Inebrya shampoo for the hair condition and dry excess water with a towel. Wear disposable gloves, apply a suitable amount of oc_product (approx. 20/30 ml.), rub gently and distribute with a wide-tooth comb. Leave for 3 to 5 minutes, according to the required intensity (increasing the time up to a max. of 15 minutes will increase the highlighting intensity). Rinse thoroughly. The oc_product does not dirty, but avoid applying the oc_product directly on the scalp.


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