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Terms Οf Οrder

Terms of Use

The different products on offer that appear in the e-shop are available until the depletion of stock.

www.beautybeauty.gr is not responsible for any printing errors in prices or pictures and retains the right to change prices without warning and in any case the price that is written during the order is that price charged.

We accept orders only within Greece.  Deliveries of orders are made daily excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

The product prices of Fanola company are reduced by 10 per cent (excluding hair dyes) for purchases from the e-shop beautybeauty.gr.

The prices that are written are final, meaning that all taxes are included.  Beautybeauty.gr retains the right to alter prices without previous warning to customers.  In any case, though, the customer during delivery of their ordered products will be charged according to the price during the time of the order of the products.

With the completion of the order, the customer will receive an email and/or a telephone call from beautybeauty.gr to confirm their order.

Delivery is made no later than 3 working days from the date of order and depending on the availability of the product and the delivery address of the receiver.

The receipt of products is made through the postal delivery service/courier (ELTA).

The products are packaged and given to the courier company in excellent condition.

Customers who do not receive the products that they have ordered, which have been sent by the courier company and have been returned cannot re-order from beautybeauty.gr except by bank account deposits to beautybeauty.gr plus delivery costs and return of first order.

Beautybeauty.gr is not responsible for defective and bad quality products by third parties which are available to customers, because the commodities are received by  suppliers and/or manufacturers, packaged in closed boxes.  In the case of defective or problematic products you must communicate with beautybeauty.gr and from that moment on you are not at fault for the defective or problematic product to be replaced.

The customer retains the right to return the products which they have bought, without penalty or obligation of announcing the reason they wish to return the products within three days of receiving the products.  In this case, you are charged with the immediate cost of returning the products.  Returns will only be accepted if the customer who wishes to return a product returns it in the exact same condition in which it was received, without being opened, used or the packaging violated.  In general, any product returns will only be accepted through telephone agreement or by sending an email to info@beautybeauty.gr.

In case of product return, the money refund that the customer was charged will be refunded within 30 days from the day that beautybeauty.gr has received the products. The refund will be made through the customers bank account, which the customer will notify by email to info@beautybeauty.gr, on time and in writing.

If the user disagrees with some or all of the terms of the e-shop, they are required to abstain from using it, or else they have declared acceptance to all the terms and requirements of usage.

Cash refunds are not made.

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